The New Land Rover Defender 2012

Land Rover Defender new

Land Rover unveiled its modern-day Defender concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new Land Rover DC100 marks the move of the iconic Defender into the 21st century market. The concept car builds upon the original models character but demonstrates the versatility and the future of the Defender. The design team aim to keep the Defender’s simple and honest style whilst meeting the requirements of an all-new global market.

The New Land Rover  Defender  2012

The new concept has been designed by the Land Rover Advanced Design team whose remit was to create a vehicle that would resonate with the commercial customer as well as the retail customer. Their aim was to create a model that is relevant to the 21st century.

With an all-new Defender planned for production in 2015, replacing this iconic model will surely be one of the biggest challenges in automotive history.


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