Things a husband should NEVER SAY

Things hubby should delete from his vocabulary if he wants to keep it blissful in the bedroom and beyond.

If you are a Wife Read : Things a wife should NEVER SAY.

husband should NEVER SAY

1) A wife needs to obey her husband.

That may have been fashionably chic in biblical days and may still hold true for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, some religious societies around the world and polygamist Mormon women but the rest of today’s modern, western women do not respond favorably to this kind of talk.

2) No man can remain faithful, cheating is in our DNA.

Uh again, if you’re dealing with the modern western woman, that line will definitely not fly. Plan on moving out if you say this aloud.

3) My career/job is more important than yours.

No one likes to be put down or condescended to. If you want to cuddle snugly and lovingly at night, refrain from this.

4) Wake me when dinner is done babe.

That, when you both walk in the door after a hard days work and the baby has already begun to fuss. If she wanted to be a single parent and do everything herself, she wouldn’t have married you.

5) You don’t mind if you don’t reach yours, right honey?

Unless you’re planning on pleasuring yourself and reaching that plateau of satisfaction on your own, never, never let those words escape past your lips after love-making.

6) Those pants looked much better on the store mannequin honey.

Gulp! Even if that was true, keep your mouth shut–even if she tells you she wants you to be honest.

7) My ex is a phenomenal cook.

OK, so she is the Julia Childs of culinary delight. Keep it to yourself especially if your wife cannot boil water!

8) Honey sorry I forgot our anniversary but it’s no big deal, you’ve already got me.

Yes, she’s got you but don’t make her regret it.

9) The boys and I are going to hit the strip clubs tonight, don’t wait up.

I guess you have a divorce lawyer on speed dial and aren’t planning on coming back after your boys night out with the women on the poles sans clothes.

10) Thank goodness I held on to my bachelor pad.

This after an argument. If you’re planning on using that pad permanently, don’t ever mention it and plus, get rid of it! Holding on to a symbol of your sweet swinging single days spells major trouble! In fact it’s the stuff of which nightmare divorces are made!

11) Can you still fit into that?

If she’s huffing and puffing her way into that sexy little black dress that used to rock your world ten years ago, before babies and stress, say nothing.

12) You did something different?

This to the question of how her new hairstyle looked after she spent all day at the hair salon. You’re telling her you don’t really see her, not exactly a sign of an attentive husband.Gush profusely please, even if it does look the same!

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