Tom Cruise Wants to See Daughter Suri

Tom Cruise

According to a close source, its was said that Tom Cruise was wrapped into shooting of OBLIVION saturday night near the mammoth Lakes from where he was out this morning. Media wants to know where his next stop is??

The source wouldn’t say exactly where Tom’s next location is or what his itinerary contains, but reiterated that Cruise’s visit with 6-year-old Suri Cruise is “imminent,” adding that, “Seeing his daughter is his number one priority right now.”

Tom cruise left the shooting of Oblivion For his daughter suri

Shooting for Oblivion went one to two days longer than expected, the source continues. But now that Cruise fulfilled his commitment, he has a window of time for personal pursuits. Wonder what fun activities and outings he and Suri will enjoy once they’re reunited?

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