Tornadoes hit 6 U.S. States: Several Dead and Injured

Six people have died from the severe storms in southeastern Illinois on Wednesday morning. An apparent tornado destroyed the town of Harrisburg, Illinois. Over 100 more people have been injured from the twister.

Harrisburg is located 100 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri. The twister ripped through the town throwing vehicles into trees and buildings and demolishing houses and local businesses.

The severe storms hit before dawn, between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Wednesday morning. In southwest Missouri, three people were killed during overnight storms. Cities such as Branson, Lebanon, Buffalo, Lamar and Kimberling City, Missouri were affected by the storm. Many homes around the area do not have power.

Tornadoes hit 6 U.S. States: Several Dead and Injured

 About 300 homes and 35 businesses in Harrisburg, IL have been demolished by the deadly storms. The town’s hospital, The Harrisburg Medical Center received damage from the storm but is still open to treat patients and victims of the storm. A few people commented that the Harrisburg tornado is one of the worst tornadoes they have seen since the Joplin tornado.

The deadly tornado comes less than a year from the worst tornado in history that hit Joplin, Missouri last May. The tornado ripped the town in half and killed 160 people in the town. Right after the EF5 tornado struck the town about 1,300 people was listed as missing.