Two Teens Arrested in Utah High School Bomb Plot

Two teens, Dallin Morgan, 18 and an unidentified sixteen-year-old, were arrested for attempting to bomb Roy High School. The plot was foiled when Bailey Gerhardt, 16, received a text from the youngest alleged bomber. The text read, “If I told you to stay home on a certain day, would you?”

Gerhardt informed police about the text. Morgan and the sixteen-year-old minor allegedly were set to bomb an assembly at the high school. The two are students at Roy High.

Police spokeswoman Anna Bond stated that several interviews were conducted amongst students at the school corroborated the tip by Gerhardt. Bond stated; “It was the work of a very courageous student who came forward. It could have been a disaster.”

Wednesday, the Weber County Bomb Disposal Unit, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms searched the school. Utilizing bomb-sniffing canines, authorities ran a sweep of the school grounds and all buildings. The sixteen-year-old boy told Gerhardt that he had been studying the shootings at Colorado’s Columbine High School.

Utah Teens Arrested for Planning to Blow Up School, Escape in Plane

Gerhardt stated that the boy had been “angry” and disgruntled after a break up with his girlfriend. The two students had been planning the explosion at the school for months. The two planned to use a device to “cause as much harm as possible to students and faculty.”

Wednesday, four search warrants on two residences and two vehicles were issued. Four computers were seized in the search. No explosive devices were found in the search. Bonn stated; “but we do know these individuals have made explosives in the past.”

Utah Teens Arrested for Planning to Blow Up School, Escape in Plane

A flight simulation training program was found. The suspects allegedly logged “significant” hours on them, stated Bond. The flight plan may have been part of an elaborate escape plan. It is believed that the two were going to steal an airplane from the Ogden airport.