Which smartphone to BUY?


Are you in the market for a new smartphone? Do yourself a favor: wait!

Between iOS 6, Windows Phone 8 on the horizon, we’re likely to see several high-end phones by the fall. Foxcon, the manufacturer behind Apple’s iPhone, claims their new device, dubbed the iPhone 5, is going to put the Galaxy S III to shame. This is quite a statement, considering the phone sports a 4.8-inch screen and dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM and LTE connectivity.

You’re a Fool if you buy a 3G Phone


Third generation wireless networks are quickly falling to the wayside in lieu of fourth generation, LTE networks. The iPhone 4S does not have LTE, despite the misleading 4G symbol, which stands for HSDPA+, which pales in comparison to true LTE speeds. Buy a 3G phone and you’ll be stuck in the dinosaur era of mobile phone technology two years from now.

Even if you don’t need a fast connection, the applications devices run will increasingly require more throughput and bandwidth. If you’ve ever had to wait for Pandora or Spotify to “buffer” a song, this is due to your slow data connection. Coincidently, this isn’t a problem for LTE because speeds are comparable to a bargain high speed home Internet connection.

Apple’s iOS 6 and rumored iPhone 5

Apple’s iOS 6

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few months, you know better than to buy a new iPhone 4S. If you must buy a phone because it broke, get a GoPhone and pop your SIM in it until October. It will be worth the wait, I guarantee it. The iPhone 4S was a very minor upgrade from the original iPhone 4, which is now two years old.

While the iPhone 4S supports iOS 6, Apple’s newest operating system due this fall, it will not magically get a bigger screen or faster connectivity. Think about it: two years from now the iPhone 4S will be replaced by the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. Who knows if you’ll even get iOS updates beyond iOS 6. Apple is notorious for hindering certain features of their OS in order to get folks to upgrade.

Clash of the Androids


The Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone may have the limelight now, but it’s hard to predict where Android will be three months from now. Consider waiting until the fall to make your decision, whether it is the HTC One X or the Galaxy Nexus. As for the most future-proofed device, the GS III is a best bet, although it doesn’t have the pristine design quality “certain” smartphones offer. When are manufacturers – especially Android – going to ditch plastic?

Really, You Want a BlackBerry?

Research in Motion

Hello? Have you not read the paper or watched TV in the past three years? Research in Motion is far from in motion these days. I’ll be surprised if they even exist two years from now. Buy a BlackBerry and the only thing you’ll be doing is partying like its 1999. Regardless of what RIM debuts, there is no hope for the fledgling manufacturer. In fact, I’d argue you’re better off using a flip phone. Start weaning yourself from the clunky keyboard brick now, so you’ll be ready to make the switch.

Windows Phones

Windows Phones

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the new version of their smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 8. The only problem: it’s incompatible with every Windows Phone 7 device on the market. Do not buy a new Windows phone until the new smartphones arrive, likely in October or November with the Windows 8 official launch.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

The saying is true, if you wait to buy a smartphone until the fall, you’re in a much better situation. Making an educated decision is much better than being disappointed you bought a Galaxy S III when Microsoft releases their Windows Phone 8 devices.

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