Whitney Houston’s Casket to be encased in Concrete to Stop Grave Robbers from Stealing the Jewels

Whitney Houston’s casket will be encased in concrete so that potential grave robbers can be discouraged from stealing her $500,000 worth of jewels she was buried with.

The deceased singer now faces the threat from grave robbers, who might steal from Whitney Houston’s corpse the jewels that she was adorned with before being buried.

According to reports, Whitney Houston was buried with a diamond brooch and diamond earrings, as she had asked to be buried with these jewels after her death.

Whitney Houston’s grave is located at Fairview Cemetery in New Jersey and currently, it is under 24-hour watch by guards who have been placed there by her mother, Cissy Houston. Now the late singer’s casket will be encased in concrete, as Cissy cannot afford the guards at her grave for a lifetime. This will ensure that no one is able to steal the jewels.

Even though encasing her casket in concrete will not ensure complete protection, it will discourage grave robbers, as it takes a lot of time to drill through concrete. The total worth of the jewels on Whitney Houston’s corpse is $500,000.

Burial experts’ opinions were also taken in this matter and they all agreed that encasing Whitney Houston’s casket in concrete is a good idea. According to burial expert Hollywood Forever, encasing Houston’s casket in concrete in a cemetery that houses remains of a number of celebrities is a “sensible move.” The expert said that concrete makes robbery “virtually impossible.”

Whitney Houston was found dead in the bathroom of her hotel room in California, where she was staying for the Grammys. She was immersed in a bathtub and it was later discovered that she died because of overdose of different drugs and a cardiac problem.

Whitney Houston is buried next to her father, John Russell Houston Jr., who passed away in the February of 2003.

Cissy is also planning to release a book on her daughter’s life. The book is supposedly going to set the record straight and expose the ups and downs of her real life.

Whitney Houston's Coffin

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