X Factor Judges Walk Out of Kansas City Auditions

Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid, along with Louis Walsh, had enough with the judging during the Kansas City auditions for X Factor.

The final straw was a contestant who refused to look at them while singing, prompting the foursome to return the favor by taking to their feet and leaving the audition midway through.

Sources: News the guy was singing toward the back of the stage, ignoring the judges.

Another source said the contestant “was one of the worst singers and had a bad attitude,” adding that the judges, “all hated it and walked off.” 

The singer failed to realize the judges absence, since he had his back to them, and even continued to sing long after the judges left their seats.

All but Brit returned to their seats to finish off the remaining auditions while the crowd shouted for Britney, who had taken some flak for supposedly storming off the set during auditions.

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