30 Thousand Yuan “Group Buy” Vietnamese Bride

Right now, group purchase websites are very popular. 

However, have you heard of the bride can also “group buy”? Recently, In Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, a so-called “Vietnamese brides blind date group” appeared – just to pay 30 thousand Yuan, registers can take a beautiful young Vietnamese bride home.

How to “group buy bride?” Does it violate laws and regulations? Why is “Vietnamese brides” always a fever? What commercial interest is hidden behind? Reporters connect the head of this company, check it out.

Only one man can even “group buy Vietnamese bride.”

In Yuyao Forum reporter found the post named “hot application for Vietnamese blind date group ” it said: The company introduced the age of 18-25 years old Vietnamese girl, pure and beautiful; The man has to be single, have a steady income (monthly income 2000 Yuan or more), there are housing, healthy, love his wife.

Journalist telephoned their office in Yuyao with the identity of customer, the head surnamed Deng told reporter that the girls mainly came from Hanoi and Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, The company contacted directly with the local “support mother” in Vietnam. And they make sure that the Vietnamese bride is the daughter of a respectable family.

So, how to group buy brides with this so called “Vietnamese brides bind date group”?

Mr Deng said that they mainly organized blind date for domestic single men to Vietnam, organized the wedding, and dealt with various procedures for the woman came to China.

“One person is also ok, as long as the company help you get visa, a person can go at any time! We can arrange you to take a train from Nanning to fly from Shanghai, our local staff will receive you there, language is absolutely no problem! ”

Mr. Deng tried to dispel all the concerns of journalist, he said he has recently organized a dozen people to the Vietnam for blind date, and each customer has 20-100 20-year-old beautiful Vietnamese girl to be chosen.

When asked what if the bride run away in China?

Deng also said they could provide “Guarantee period” and customer would pick a satisfied bride for free within a certain period of time. “One worker in the Ningbo port has married a Vietnamese girl. You man in Hangzhou also can do!”

When reporter asked the two men’s cases, they refused to answer with excuse of in order to protect customer privacy.

Can man really marry a Vietnamese bride with 30 thousand Yuan?

Vietnamese bride once attracted mass reports in domestic media, Before the men buying Vietnamese brides mainly were concentrated in Guangdong, Shenzhen and Fujian provinces, Deng said slowly, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo and other places saw more customers, so they set up a office in Yuyao after the Spring Festival.

Aimed at single men in China and poor women in Vietnam, this market cake is becoming bigger and bigger with amount expansion of these two types of people in China and Vietnam.

Let look at how the so-called “buy Vietnamese brides” encircle money?

A staff with screen name “Xiao Qian” told reporters that, when customers arrive in Yuyao, the single man pay a deposit of 2,000 Yuan first (the deposit will be deducted from the total cost after success of blind date). When meet an ideal bride in Vietnam and decide to get married, 10 thousand Yuan needs to be paid to deal with relevant procedures, before the wedding the remaining 18 thousand Yuan must be paid, and then the man can take the bride back to home.

The 30 thousand Yuan includes blind date activity, bride side banquet, wedding photography, both pre-marital medical examination, girl’s single certificate, Chinese passport and visa for bride, the cost of a matchmaker in Vietnam. “Completing all the procedures spend generally no more than 7 days.”

Fees paid for “Group Buy Vietnamese brides” are much far more than 30 thousand, the man needs afford a red envelope to her parents, gold ring earrings and necklace for bride, gold and cost of 80 days living in Vietnam, etc., and each items has minimum consumption.

“Group Buy” Vietnamese brides has high risk.

“When marry a Vietnamese bride, first, language is the biggest problem; then the habit of life is certainly not the same; then, most crucially, the bride mainly aimed at your money, there is no guarantee that she will betray you when see richer man. So many people “has a variety of concerns” with Vietnamese brides

“Does the company get relevant qualification from authorities? Is the deposit can be collected back if not succeed? How to ensure the safety when stay in Vietnam?” When Mr. Deng was informed of journalist’s identity, he hung up the phone alertly.

Journalist found the successful cases in the company’s Website, marriage expenses, processes and other columns, but no reaction when click, a service staff said that the system is under processing.

“‘Group Buy’ the bride is something like human traffickers!” said Li Jian,  a lawyer from Zhejiang. He said China is currently not open to foreign dating services, this kind of act is suspected of mercenary marriages.

“Bride economy,” Why high fever?

Why does “Vietnamese brides” have high fever in China? Even see the farce of “group buy Vietnamese brides?” The expert said it is related with two countries` social history and reality problems.

“No money to marry a Vietnamese woman” became a current young men would make fun of each other. 22-year-old friends, “Honglin,” is preparing to Vietnam to find a wife, his reason is: get married and have children at home is too expensive. “Now women are required to buy a car, I am a migrant workers, to the regiment did not have healthy, looks not to look, to find a good girl, be prohibitively difficult!”

Hot vietnamese

A single man named “Honglin” current monthly income is 2,000 Yuan, he said he was poor in the China, but in some cities of Vietnam, he will be considered a rich man. Honglin said he learned from the online that first, there are many Vietnamese girls, very beautiful, and after marriage “They did not counter when being hit and curse, and also they can serve as nanny.”

Feng Gang, sociology professor of Zhejiang University, said that due to the existed the economic gap between China and Vietnam, in the increasing social pressure some Chinese low-level –status bachelor threw eyes to Vietnam. While a group of girls living in poor countryside in Vietnam also wanted to change the fate through such transnational marriages.

Experts also said that Vietnam, this beautiful country, has imbalance between men and women caused by the long-term war, women more than men, the economic backwardness and low social status of women also led to expectations of many Vietnamese women marry abroad, and low price of marrying also attracted many people to choose their brides in Vietnam, and this will naturally form a kind of “bride economy.”

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