Heidi Klum poses NUDE for Allure Magazine

Super model Heidi Klum recently posed nude for Allure magazine’s May issue and showed to the world her amazing physique.

In the May issue of Allure, Heidi Klum also opens up about her divorce from Seal and about plastic surgery.

On the black-and-white cover, Heidi Klum is seen wearing nothing and covering her private parts with her arms and hands. Despite having delivered four kids, her stomach is still very taut. Her overall body looks very lean in the picture.

Heidi Klum and Seal ended their marriage almost a year back. She had been married to the singer for almost seven years, and apparently was quite devastated when the marriage ended.

Heidi Klum also expressed her views regarding plastic surgery and said that she was a natural woman and had never undergone the knife. She said that she did not like what women became after they got plastic surgery done and believed in natural beauty.

The May issue of Allure will hit the stands on the 24th of April.


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