500,000th Porsche Cayenne Produced In Leipzig

500,000th Porsche Cayenne

500,000th Porsche Cayenne

Porsche’s Leipzig production facility reaches another major milestone as the 500,000th Porsche Cayenne  SUV rolls off the assembly lines. Half a million unit is a staggering record, considering the Cayenne is an expensive sports luxury SUV; a car with a limited customer base.

The first Porsche Cayenne entered production in 2002 amid the SUV boom in the global car market. The idea was to create a utility vehicle that drives as well as a Porsche 911. They pulled it off. The Cayenne was a tough and versatile off-roader, with amazing on-road capabilities. For some reason, though, the Cayenne never looked as you’d expect a car in that price range.

Nevertheless, the Cayenne became an instant hit, and the rest is history. Today the Leipzig plant produces five times more Cayennes than it did back in 2002, and demand is showing no signs of slowing down.

The 500,000th Porsche Cayenne  was a white S Diesel with a 382 hp V8 engine (top speed 261 km/h). The buyer traveled from Austria to Saxony in Germany to pick up his car in person during a little ceremony.