62% of Jews Want to reelect Obama | United States

After Israel, the United States is considered to be home to second largest Jewish community in the world.

It is widely believed across the globe that no president can enter the White House without the blessings of the Jewish lobby settled in the United States.

According to a latest survey carried out by the Public Religion Research Institute based in Washington D.C, 62 per cent of Jewish American voters want to reelect President Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election.

If the survey report is compared with the 2008 elections, we come to know as if the president is fast losing support of the Jewish lobby. The 2008 elections statistics show that as many as 78 per cent of Jewish Americans voted for Obama.

The numbers have decreased significantly and perhaps, there might be reasons behind the change of mind of the Jewish voters in the United States. Jews of America appear to be convinced that Obama administration has failed to protect the community from discrimination within the US and specifically Israel from external threats. Therefore, they may decide to support the Republican candidate in the upcoming election and definitely it would be fatal for Obama.

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