Zimmerman in Custody – Charged with 2nd Degree Murder

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey announced at a press conference that George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin last month.

Zimmerman shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin as he was walking home from a convenience store in his Sanford, Florida gated community.

Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws allowed Zimmerman to go free with no charges brought when he claimed he shot Martin in self-defense.

However, since the shooting, there have been public outcries and protests claiming that the incident was racially motivated because Martin was black.

Public pressure has moved the State of Florida to investigate the killing, which has led to today’s announcement of Zimmerman’s arrest.

George Zimmerman turned himself in to authorities this afternoon in Florida and is currently in custody in an undisclosed location in Florida.

With Florida’s Open Government laws, the trial for George Zimmerman could be televised. Some media reports have indicated that bringing the evidence in this case into the living rooms of the public could reveal a lot about the depth of racism issues in America.

If the defense attorneys for Trayvon Martin are able to prove that his death was racially motivated, or if it turns out that the initial Sanford Police Department report was tainted to favor Zimmerman, it could prove that Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws were abused in an attempt to allow a hate crime to go unpunished.

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