99-Year-Old Italian Man Divorces 96 Year-Old Wife over 1940’s Love Letters

If you are going to cheat, hide the evidence. If you think time heals all wounds; don’t ask Antonio C. (only name released to the media) He is divorcing his wife of 77 years for a love affair she had in the 1940’s.

Antonio C

The evidence against Rosa C., 96, was found by her husband a few days before Christmas. The irate, cheating victim accused his wife of being a two-timer. Rosa begged for her husband to stay after admitting to having an affair 60 years ago.

Finding the evidence, Antonio,99, left his wife and filed papers for divorce in January. The fact that the couple had five children, twelve grandchildren and one great-grandchild, and that the affair happened six decades ago did not diffuse the ire of the man’s wounded heart.

Apparently, the couple’s relationship had been rocky in the last few years. Antonio left Rosa for a brief time ten years-ago to live with his son. He returned, yet their relationship has been less than favorable. The letters were found in an old chest of drawers adding fuel to a smoldering fire.

If the divorce goes through, the couple will make the record books as the world’s oldest divorcees.

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