Adele Will Spit In Her Father’s Face If She Ever Sees Him Again

Adele Will Spit In Her Father's Face If She Ever Sees Him Again

Recently, the singer who swept the Grammy Awards last, confessed that his father spit in the face if I ever return to see.

The reason for this reaction full of anger is that recently Mark Evans, father of the British diva, sold the story to the tabloids about his separation from his mother Penny Adkins.

In a recent report that Vogue magazine dedicated to the singer, Adele admitted she was ready to start a normal relationship with his father until this incident happened.

¨ He will never know anything about me. Nothing can disturb me more than my father blackmail by the press. It really bothers me. Appear after 10 years and say that my problems with men may be at fault. How dare you comment on my life. It makes my blood burn ¨ said singer Someone like you.

As you can see the letters are sensitive and emotional in their records because in real life, Adele has a strong character and is not afraid to show it.

“Maybe you received a dirty money that will last half a year, but why have to tell me he loves me through a newspaper. When you see him spit in the face. “

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