Compact Core Exerciser

We are about to finish up the first quarter of the year, so here is the big question – how is your New Year’s Resolution of losing some weight around the waist coming along? Assuming you have already signed up for a gym membership, but somehow or rather, the rigors of life have sapped whatever energy that you have left, leaving you too lazy to hit the treadmill because of the additional amount of travel that you need to do, perhaps you need some motivation closer to home – right smack in the middle of your living room, in fact. The $ 249.95 Compact Core Exerciser fits the bill perfectly, and judging by its name, you know it is not going to take up plenty of space.


The Compact Core Exerciser requires no electricity at all, where it will simulate you cantering on a horse, in an effort to strengthen and tone the core muscles. You will sit on the padded saddle, rest your feet on a rubberized bar, and shift your weight backward in order to get the device’s drivewheel in motion. Most of the time, the saddle will rotate at a moderate 40 rpm or less, and you are required to make use of those lumbar muscles, abs, glutes, and thighs of yours, in an effort to build core strength so that you will be able to minimize the kind of back injuries that plague humankind, all the while improving balance and posture. Hammacher states that a 10-minute session is able to burn as many calories as 100 situps, or the equivalent of a one-hour walk.