Instagram May Soon Become True Web Experience

Is Facebook porting Instagram to the Web?

Facebook may be planning to develop an online presence for Instagram. The free photo sharing service has so far been very successful as an app, but as a result its life has been largely limited to the mobile world. Since Facebook is now a public company, and because it acquired Instagram for so much moolah, I’m sure the social networking giant is brainstorming ways it can use Instagram to bring in some additional revenue.

Web designer Cole Reinke found an interesting link on the official Instagram website that suggests the company may be testing expanding its website. Currently, Instagram’s site is next to useless. You can use it to perform basic functions such as changing your password, editing your profile, and managing your apps. As you can see above, however, Reinke found a “View Profile” link when he logged in to his account.

Here’s what Reinke had to say on Tumblr¬† when sharing the screenshot:

Online Instagram profiles coming soon? Clicking on the link lead me to a 404 error at my profile address. When I looked to see if it was still there three hours later, it had disappeared. But before I saw the option appear, Instagram went down for a minute or two.

This test would seem to imply Instagram is at least flirting with the idea. I can’t see a “View Profile” link when I go to Instagram’s website, but the company could easily have been trying something out and Reinke just so happened to be on the right page at the right time. If you see what Reinke did, let me know in the comments below.


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