Chopsticks Glow as You Eat - LED Lightsaber Chopsticks

The lightsaber chopstick isn’t the newest idea in the galaxy, but a previous attempt at capturing “Star Wars” magic in chopstick form fell woefully short by virtue of just being a translucent stick. Now Kotobukiya is doing lightsaber chopsticks right by embedding LEDs into the food-gathering gadgets. Now you can look forward to bathing your sashimi in the warm red or blue glow of a miniature lightsaber.

Stars Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks Glow as You Eat

Your chow mein won’t stand a chance against the awesome power of these bad boys, available in Darth Vader red and Luke Skywalker blue variants. Buy both sets and reenact your favorite battle scenes with every bite. Just be sure to not make your lightsaber whooomping noises with your mouth full. NCSX is currently accepting $ 22.90 preorders for delivery in November. May the fugu be with you, young Jedi.