Jennifer Lopez is Sad About Tom and Katie Split

This is rough time as this marriage is over between Tom and Katie. Jennifer Lopez is sad for them especially since she knows what they’re going through in the wake of her own separation last summer from fellow songster Marc Anthony.

She said: “I’m sad for them, they’re both really lovely people, and just like Marc and I, it’s not what you want to happen. You fight and you try and you try until you realize you can’t anymore.”

She expressed hope that their transition to separate lives would not negatively impact Cruise and Holmes’ 6-year-old daughter, Suri, as well as Cruise’s two adopted children, Connor and Isabella, from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman.

“You know I just wish them peace in their decision. And really for Suri and their other children as well, because you become such a family. It’s not just Suri, it’s Connor and Isabella and everybody; you all become a family,” she said. “And when that breaks apart, nobody wins; everybody’s heartbroken in some way. And I just wish them peace.”


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