Kathy Griffin Pulls Down Her Dress on David Letterman's 'The Late Show'

American actress Kathy GriffinKathy Griffin appeared on “The Late Show With David LettermanDavid Letterman” last night and shocked television viewers all across the country by stripping down to her bra for Letterman’s audience.

The stand-up comedienne talked to David Letterman about how when Kathy was co-host with Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper on CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, she stripped to her underwear at Times Square, New York.

“You know, it went well for me. Every year I try to up the ante a little bit. I have done it for five years now and I have been fired four years in a row. One year I said the f-word so I had to give the money back. I did not want to get fired,” Kathy Griffin recounted the show’s surprise strip.

She added, “So, this year I thought, ‘what can I do to not get canned?’ I thought it would be appropriate in Times Square, to create a moment, so I took my clothes off. I did not tell anyone. I did not tell Anderson.”

Kathy Griffin Pulls Down Her Dress on David Letterman's 'The Late Show'

 Kathy Griffin then told David Letterman casually that she could do it for him right then if he wanted her to. The host called her bluff but Kathy said, “I mean, David. I’ll do it right now.”

The next moment, Kathy Griffin was on her feet, unzipping her black dress to the sound of applause from Letterman’s “Late Show” audience. She pulled down the one shoulder dress as a shocked Letterman helped her.

Kathy Griffin Pulls Down Her Dress on David Letterman's 'The Late Show'

 “Go ahead. Wow, this is nice. Is there anything I can do? I don’t think I should…Wow, Oh my, oh buddy. We are gonna need some pliers.” David Letterman quipped.

Kathy Griffin added that she could not pull down her dress fully on the front, because she wasn’t wearing any underwear to prevent from getting panty lines.

Kathy Griffin, who is not shy about showing off her remarkably toned body, has a habit of getting naked on TV, especially with Anderson Cooper around. He even has a sign saying “No Nudity!” on hand when she’s on one of his shows.