Laptop Functions for an iPad

 Laptop Functions iPad

There are hoards of iPad cases, keyboards, speakers and the like out there. Heck, we report on some of the best virtually every day. As iPad’s increase in popularity they really become as valuable if not more-so than our laptops. Slowly but surely we are able to do more and more of our daily functions on these revolutionary tablets. So why not enable yourself the familiar laptop comfort and functionality?

The Brydge enables your iPad to become the laptop form factor you are used to. Simply click your pad into the Brydge dock and pair using Bluetooth. The full-sized, anodized aluminum keyboard is as efficient as the laptop keyboard you know. With stereo speakers built in you will easily hear everything. Flip it open and you get almost 180° rotation for the ‘screen’ to provide the best viewing angle.  Close the device for portability. The keyboard and pad go to sleep and you maintain a sort of MacBook Air profile. Or carry it while open if you choose. The Brydge serves as a stand too. Easily release your iPad with a firm pull. No attachments, cords or cables required. At this time The Brydge is compatible with iPad generations 2, 3 and 4. This smart device got started via crowdfunding earlier this year and is now in full production. Order on their website – currently featuring $ 10-20 off for the holidays. The full Brydge+ with the above features runs $ 210. A speakerless version runs $ 170 and a poly-carbonate version runs $ 130 during the holiday sale. So get in on The Brydge and don’t sacrifice the comfort you are used to from your laptop.

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