Micro Battery Pack for Smartphones by PhoneSuit Flex


In this day and age, we tend to take our smartphones for granted, and sure, the kind of technology that our phones pack do seem to last longer than normal while offering more and more functions, but there are still moments in life where one might have just forgotten about charging up the smartphone for the day’s events ahead. Well, perhaps in order to prevent those “doggone it!” moments, there is always a device like the PhoneSuit Flex Micro Battery Pack, which as its name suggests, is a portable, “on the go” battery that was specially designed to deliver instant power to energy hungry smartphones.

How does the PhoneSuit Flex Micro Battery Pack work? Well, it does not matter if you need that final push to complete a phone call (be it during an emergency or when you need to close that multi-million dollar deal), to tune in to your favorite Internet radio station, or even to watch movies – the PhoneSuit Flex is able to handle it all. Touted as one of the smallest and most powerful battery packs that are currently available in the market, it will sport a high capacity 2600 mAh battery that is packed in a device which measures roughly the size of a person’s thumb.

This enables the Flex to, er, “flex” it’s battery power to deliver double the power or a full charge, on majority of smartphones out there. The PhoneSuit Flex’s tiny size and integrated connector tip will enable users of it to hook up the battery straight to their smartphone when traveling. The PhoneSuit Flex will even remain attached and securely in place even as you use the smartphone, making it one of the more ideal solutions for folks who want the advantage of portable power without having to worry about the bulk of a battery case, or in some other cases, a large battery pack solution.

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