Mega Million Mania | Co-workers fight over Win

Mega million mania is over but the fighting has just begun for some. There were 3 winners in the $640 million jackpot and one of these alleged winners is acting a bit strangely.

Mirlande Wilson, a McDonald’s employee in Maryland is now accused by her co-workers of ‘hogging’ a winning lottery ticket that they all pooled to purchase. Ms. Wilson claims the winning ticket is not the one she bought together with her co-workers but was part of her private stash. Said she got it with her own money separate from the workers pool.

The co-workers do not believe her story and are crying foul. They asked her to present the winning ticket, which would pay out a whooping $105 million after taxes–and she has yet to present proof that she won.

The pool consisted of 15 co-workers who paid $5 each towards the lottery tickets.

The plot seem to thicken for acording to The New York Post, 37 year old Wilson was seen on a local television station claiming the winning ticket, which is only hers, was hidden somewhere in the McDonalds where she works.

She said she was waiting for her coworkers to “cool down” before she retrieved the ticket from the hiding place which only she knows about, for they were “too excited” at the moment.

[youtube WhRVJEXf7o4]

Her co-workers are now furious and have since come forward to tell their side of the story, saying they all agreed to split the winnings equally if they were lotto lucky.

Many are now sceptical about Wilson’s story which reportedly conflicts with previous ones she has told. Some even doubt that she has any winning ticket.

According to CNN, she once said she purchased the winning ticket with her money only, at a nearby 7 Eleven. Then she changed the story to a co-worker purchased the ticket for her.

Seen in the above video being interviewed by an NBC reporter, Wilson doesn’t look excited for a woman who won all that money. When the reporter asked her to show him the winning ticket, she refused.

One of her managers at McDonalds who wanted to remain anonymous said doesn’t believe any of Wilson’s stories. She added that the Haitian immigrant who was a mother of 7, was always “strange” and an avid “attention seeker” who always wanted to be the center of attention.

What do you think: is Wilson lying about her win? If not, do you think she should share the lotto wins with her co-workers, even if it is her own ticket?

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