New Toyota Supra

toyota supra new

Toyota is enjoying a great time with the 86 sports car, so they’re going to step their game up by launching a new Supra. This will take on the almighty Nissan GTR.

The initial details coming from Japan on the new Supra sound very promising. Apparently the car’s design is based on the FT-HS concept you see above, which is just fantastic, and it gets a great powertain as well to complement its fancy looks.

supra 2011

The car has a rear-drive chassis and is currently being tested a 3.5-liter V-6 hybrid developing over 400 hp. With these specs the new Supra doesn’t seem like a formidable rival for the GTR, but it’s going to be light and agile, and packed with the latest technologies. These days it’s the computers that makes the difference after all.

Toyota is going to take its time on this car and test and evaluate all the options. They are not in a rush to get this car out and are probably waiting for the 86 to get its feet grounded in the market.

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