VATH Mercedes C63 Coupe 680 HP

mercedes c63


VATH released its first kit for the Mercedes C63 Coupe back in October with 580-hp. Now they’ve adjusted a few things and boosted it to 680. That tower of power under the C63′s bonnet is a 6.2 liter supercharged V8, onto which VATH added a new high performance cooling system, high performance air filters, new manifolds, stainless steel exhausts and sport catalyst, and a new ECU software.

So with 680hp and 840Nm of torque this C63 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in four seconds dead. More amazing than that is the top speed: 335 km/h, 20 more than the previous version.


The rest of the car is pretty much the same as before. You get a mean aero kit with a new grille, 9×20 inch forged wheels with high performance tires, coil over suspension and upgraded brakes to contain the fury of that V8. If you want to upgrade the interior as well, VATH offers new Alcantara upholstery and carbon fiber trimming.

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