Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone 8 To Launch In 2013

Just when you thought you knew everything Nokia has to offer when it comes to Windows Phone 8, the company added another gadget to its lineup. On Wednesday the company unveiled its lower-end Lumia 620, which is expected to ship in January 2013 in select countries.

Nokia’s newly announced device is the cheapest addition to the Lumia family thus far. It will cost around $249 and comes with a 3.8-inch ClearBlack display, a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip, 8GB of storage and 512 GB of RAM. Like the other devices in Nokia’s Lumia brand, the 620 will boast camera features exclusive to the company such as City Lens.

It will also come equipped with Nokia’s Cinemagraph, Maps and Music apps out of the box. These additions from Nokia help the company to distinguish its own Windows Phone 8 products from other handsets, such as HTC’s Windows Phone8X, running the same. The lower-priced handset offers a 5-megapixel camera on its rear and a front-facing VGA resolution camera on the front. It also has NFC capabilities, which makes it easier to wirelessly communicate media and information between devices.

Nokia said that the phone would launch in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa starting in January 2013, ZDNet reports. Canada and Europe are expected to follow closely.