Obama Makes Foreign Policy a Tool to be Reelected

Obama Makes Foreign Policy a Tool to be Reelected

Obama Makes Foreign Policy a Tool to be Reelected

As the United States presidential elections draws near, potential candidates have been devising their strategies to garner maximum support of the people. So far, one thing is for sure that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are going to have a final fight in the November and both the candidates are trying their best to take a lead over one another. Mr. Obama has been focusing on the foreign policy and portraying it as one of his successes during the office. Mr. Romney has been looking into the home grown problems and promising people more relief in different sectors if he is elected.

Scores of analysts and economic experts based in New York City believe that though Obama administration has made the foreign policy as one of their potential tools to enhance image of Mr. Obama but the president failed to give a robust response to the euro-zone crisis. They believe if the crisis is not resolved at the earliest; the United States may also lose its export of millions of dollars to the countries like Germany, France and Belgium. The experts also believe that Obama administration has also failed to arrest the ever growing trend of unemployment in the country as well that is simply adding to frustration and dismay of the general public.

The president has dispatched his top treasury officials to Europe to look into the crisis and come up with viable suggestion to arrest the falling trend of economy. However, the administration does not appear upbeat to handle the crisis of euro-zone successfully. The economic experts believe that if economy of European countries fails to recover any time soon, it may incur loss of billions of dollars to the United States, let alone further increase in number of unemployment. Also, Mr. Obama will not love to jump into the crisis, especially when he is all set to distance himself from all kind of failures.

Obama administration has already been using killing of Osama Bin Laden to its credit and successful foreign policy of President Obama. It may be pertinent to mention here that Bin Laden was shot dead on May 2 last year by a team of the US Navy Seals in Abbottabad – a garrison city of Pakistan. The team killed the terror kingpin during a sting operation and won laurels for the president.

On the controversial nuclear program of Iran, Mr. Obama is very clear. He wants to resolve the issue through dialogue and negotiations despite the fact that Israel has been pushing the United States for a military action against the country. The president is of the opinion that military option could be used as a last resort but for now dialogue is the best option to be used. The president’s strategy on Afghanistan is already clear as he plans to pull out the 130,000 troops by the end of 2014.