Ohio Shooting Suspect Bullied in School

Ohio Shooting Suspect Bullied in School

The Ohio school shooting suspect that is in custody after injuring 4 and killing one student on Monday morning at Chardon High School was described as quiet and funny at school. Evan Erasmus, who knew the family of the shooter, T.J. Lane, said about the juvenile, “I was really shocked when I found out it was him,” Erasmus said. “He was quiet, but was one of the nicest kids there. You could talk to him really easily. He was funny.”

Lane targeted certain students at school this morning to fire at. A classmate of Lane said that he was tormented a lot at school from everything from his hair to his quiet behavior.

Ohio Shooting Suspect Bullied in School

 One of Lane’s friend’s commented that the suspect wore a sad look in his eyes many times and would try to laugh off the mean things the kids at school would say to him.

Many people around the Chardon, Ohio area are shocked that Lane opened fire during breakfast Monday morning in the cafeteria area. According to CNN, one student commented that he enjoyed normal teenager things like playing video games and hunting.

One thing that stuck out as odd was on Lane’s Facebook page. A post he composed in December of 2011 was a poem that ended with “Die, all of you.”

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