‘The Google Store’ Opening Soon in US

the google store outlet

As like Apple Stores around the world, internet giant Google is going to open its store soon in United States as The Google Store.

Although Google hasn’t publicly declared what they would sell in their stores, it is safe to expect them to use their retail locations to showcase their line of devices and services, which include Google TV, Chromebook laptops and the Android-powered range of Nexus smartphones and tablets.

Another possible addition to that list could be Google Glass—the fascinating new product which, as a search of the #ifihadglass tag on Twitter will tell you, is one of the most anticipated new devices in the technology market today.

Given the variety of products they could sell, the proposed retail stores seem like a perfect way for Google to transition from being a popular, yet still generally inaccessible, Internet technology giant into a more public and engaging consumer electronics brand.

In fact, a Google store seems like the best possible place for the company to showcase their latest Chromebook, Pixel. One can certainly imagine interested customers lining up outside a Google store to check out this new device that boasts of a 4.3 million pixel touchscreen.

And now does seem like the best time for Google to start on such a new venture—the company’s stocks value recently reached a record high of $800, making it one of only four companies that have crossed that very elusive and exclusive milestone.

Besides that, Google has always had a dedicated fan base, and these stores would be an easy way for them to capitalize on their following, much like Apple has done with their fanatics. Just think of the crowds outside an Apple store when they launch a new product—that could be Google’s bastion too.

Having said that, Google should take care to not be a mere copycat of the Apple franchise. Just like how their Android platform proved itself to be a worthy alternative to Apple’s iOS, the Google store will need to give customers good reason to visit their enterprise.

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