The Zombie Apocalypse


the walking dead

The idea of  zombies/undead flesh-eaters overtaking our civilization has never been more fun, or more real.

AMC’s horror-drama The Walking Dead, soccer moms killing time in the supermarket line with Plants vs. Zombies, the very existence of an honest-to-goodness book called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

But when you add real-life tales of the so-called “bath salt cannibal” (nice try, Florida cops, but we know a frickin’ zombie when we see one) and growing online paranoia about the likelihood of an actual zombie-geddon, you quickly realize this is more than a glorified Halloween fetish.

Zombies started popping up everywhere, not only in dramas and movies now, people started talking about how they’d prepare for an actual zombie onslaught. Taking part in zombie pub crawls began to feel less campy and more like a warm-up for a not-so-unlikely future.So While we all wait to see whether our neighbors actually come staggering up the stree, in search of fresh flesh, there’s plenty more fictitious zombie action on the way in 2012, and yes we are also waiting for “The Walking Dead”

Season 3 of The Walking Dead kicks off in October, and video game fans can look forward to Resident Evil 6.

When we’re not practicing our decapitation skills or working on the zombie-proof panic rooms in our basements, we’ll be there to savor every gory, unholy, reanimated moment.


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