Whitney Houston and daughter shared same Drug Dealer


A disclosure sure to shock Whitney fans, it has now come to light that Whitney and her daughter (Bobbi Kristina) unknowingly shared the same drug peddler for their supply of drugs right till the pop star’s death last month.

The drug peddler by the name of Jay would make numerous visits to the singer’s family house in Atlanta, Georgia to hand over marijuana and cocaine, disclosed a family insider to The Daily Star.

The family insider was quoted as saying “Her regular dealer toward the end was a big black guy called Jay.” He would be calling at the Houston home most evening in the months leading to Whitney’s death.

However, Whitney is said to have never had any direct contact with the dealer. She had friends who would tackle the dealer for her. According to the insider ‘They would hand Jay a brown paper bag crammed with hundreds of dollar bills and Jay would hand back the bag with the top folded down.’

‘And he earned a fortune from her,’ disclosed the source. Apparently Whitney was consuming drugs for ‘most of the last six months of her life.’ And living like a hermit and getting high.

However, while this clandestine dealing was taking place, the insider alleges that Whitney’s teenage daughter Bobbi too was being supplied drugs and alcohol by the same guy, unbeknownst to her mother.

Informing about the double game by the dealer, the source revealed: “He would give her drink and drugs, usually cannabis.” The shocking information comes amidst several reports of the 19-year-old – Bobbi Kristina’s past troubles.

The teen is well-known for her habitual partying like her late mother. Bobbi has been snapped inhaling from a cannabis bong and allegedly even snorting cocaine when she was barely 17. The death of her mother seems to have shattered her. Already she has been hospitalized twice since then and there are fears of her turning into a drug addict.

Further, according to the family insider the 48-year-old Bodyguard star and Bobbi had always acted “more like best friends”. However, in the final months leading to her death, the diva is understood to have distanced herself from Bobbi as her drug use had gotten out of hand, probably making it difficult even for her to control.

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