Whitney Houston – Drowned or Drugs?

Here is the information as per authorities, Whitney Houston did not drown, rather her death may be related to a combination of prescription drugs and a variety of alcohol, but what did Ms Houston consume as her last meal prior to her untimely death?

TV show TMZ was able to get their hands on a collection of photos taken in the room of Whitney Houston where she had died, giving some insight to her final meal.

She ‘took sandwich and jalapeños into bathroom to eat after her bath’

Her doctors reportedly face questions over how she obtained drugs found in her hotel room

Her body lands in New Jersey, where funeral ‘with 18,000 seats’ will take place later this week

Daughter Bobbi Kristina recovering from emotional breakdown, says father Bobby Brown

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston thought to have spent thousands of dollars on prescription drugs at Mickey Fine’s pharmacy

Police confirmed her body was found under water but are not ruling drowning as cause of death

Coroner maintains exact cause of death not known until toxicology results

Reportedly, pictures show that a tray was laying in the bathroom that contained the turkey sandwich and jalapenos. Whitney had already eaten the burger and fries and apparently took the turkey sandwich and jalapenos into the bathroom with her where she had planned on eating them after her bath. Obviously, she had either taken the drugs including Xanax as well as other prescription drugs during or prior to the meal of hamburger and fries.

The cocktail of drugs and alcohol, possibly led to her heart attack in the bathtub and therefore she was probably dead before her head was submerged in the bath. As of this point in the investigations, Whitney did not die from drowning.

Whitney Houston death


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