Whitney Houston Open Casket Photo and Video

While many feel that the funeral was off-limits to the media and a private event, others feel that as her fans they should be allowed one last glimpse at the legendary singer.

Undoubtedly there is a public outrage over these pictures being published for the world to see, perhaps feelings that it was distasteful and perhaps disrespectful to do so, since it was a private affair.

Whitney Houston Open Casket Photo and Video

 How did the pictures get into the hands of the tabloids? Who took them? There was also probably a very generous amount paid to whoever took these pictures – perhaps a combination of people who took pictures on their cell phone?

Did they sell the pictures to cover the cost of expenses attached to make it out to the funeral, such as airfare, hotel, transportation, perhaps outfits purchased, food and other miscellaneous expenses? Perhaps… In these tough economic times, every little bit helps.

[youtube lLOueCnMLfM]

Whitney is finally at rest and going through an amazing experience. Surely, she probably would not be too upset that people took some pictures as a final parting with her fans on this Earthly plane…

Many others have been photographed in their caskets as a final closure that they have indeed left us. The problem may be that Whitney Houston’s family may be upset that these photographs were sold – or is it they themselves who sold them? Meanwhile, the publication is selling like hotcakes amid the controversy…