Bela Padilla Racial Controversy FHM Cover March 2012

Bela Padilla Racial Controversy FHM Cover March 2012

Bela Padilla Racial Controversy FHM Cover March 2012

After the new cover of FHM for March 2012, the Cover girl itself Bela Padilla received that her cover is racial offensive.

In the cover, Bela posed to other native like model behind her as her shadow and even announces via cover mags “Stepping Out of the Shadow”.

The cover is so insensitive and descriminate racial issues.

On Bela and FHM side, Bella apoligizes for the mags cover. FHM did thesame, FHM is not meant to descriminate anyone but only wishes to create a good visual cover.


 On Saturday, February 25, we uploaded the March issue with Bela Padilla on the cover on our Facebook page. Just hours later, a slew of comments on the supposed “racism” of the cover image and cover line flooded the magazine page, prompting the editorial team to re-examine the cover so that we could put into context its execution and assuage the concerns of our readers and non-readers as well who’ve weighed in on the issue.

 We took all the points into consideration and have decided to take the side of sensitivity.

 When FHM hits the stands in March it will have a different cover. We deem this to be the most prudent move in the light of the confusion over the previous cover execution.

 We apologize and thank those who have raised their points. We apologize to Bela Padilla for any distress this may have caused her. In our pursuit to come up with edgier covers, we will strive to be more sensitive next time.