Classic Corby Trouser Press

Classic Corby Trouser Press It is safe to assume that every woman wants her husband to look dapper, and wearing a singlet, shuffling around the home in a pair of flip flops with that unkept beard is a huge turn-off for visitors, even though the man might feel that he is at his most comfortable. Going to work, on the other hand, is a different matter altogether, and having an immaculately ironed shirt and a pressed pair of trousers are just what the fashion doctor ordered, which is why we decided it was too good to pass on the $ 299.95 Classic Corby Trouser Press.Why is the word “classic” part of the name? Well, for starters, this is the trouser press that was made in England by John Corby, Ltd., who incidentally is also the inventor of the original pants presser and supplier of fine hotels.

Sporting a 250-watt heating pad that is able to remove wrinkles and sharpens creases in both pant legs simultaneously in a jiffy, the Classic Corby Trouser Press will not work in a similar manner as that of repeated ironing action, hence you will not find it imparting a surface sheen on garments, while the built-in thermostatic control prevents scorched fabrics. There is a stretcher bar system that pulls trousers taut so that you don’t have to straighten fabric before pressing, while it also removes those stubborn back-of-the knee wrinkles which traditional irons tend to leave behind.

It comes with a 15-, 30-, or 45-minute timer settings for light to heavy fabrics, while the LED display will show just how much time has elapsed.

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