London Metropolitan University – Master’s Degree for Strippers

A LONDON university has come under fire for offering a masters course in events experience management which includes a module in partnership with a company that specializes in stag weekends, offering “saucy strip shows and mud wrestling with naked chicks.

London Metropolitan University plans to offer Masters Degree for strippers

London Metropolitan University, whose vice-chancellor Malcolm Gillies was a deputy vice-chancellor at Australian National University, said the company Chillisauce would be involved in more traditional events management, such as corporate dinner and conference.

The move was criticized by the academic union, which said it would damage the university’s website.

But at least one reader disagreed.

“This will increase the reputation of London Met, not damage the brand!” the reader’s comment read.

Comments ranged from the outraged to supportive.

“Why are university-business partnerships so often based on underpaid staff performing immoral or demeaning acts for low pay and poor employment conditions whilst a cabal of rich white men profit from their work and the extra money they bring in?” said one.

One of the more amusing comments came from a reader who welcomed the course.

“We should expand this with global region flavor — limbo dancing and rum preparing experience in Caribbean events, croc catching and boomerang throwing experience in Aussie bush events … These are real world experiences and it is good that London Met is beginning to specialize in such courses.”

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